In addition to the investment products you’ll find anywhere else — mutual funds, stocks and bonds, etc. — we offer access to private investments you won’t find anywhere else to diversify your portfolio and better position your portfolio for a market downturn.

This is the Portia Investment Equalizer (P.I.E.)


“Alternative [private] investments are flexible, unconstrained strategies that use non-traditional approaches to invest in both public and private markets. Alternative strategies...provide diversified sources of return or yield to complement traditional stock/bond portfolios.” — J.P. Morgan

Did you know that the best financial investments are frequently not available to most investors? That’s right. There are incredible investment opportunities that only the big investment banks make available to their wealthiest clients.

Why do you think the rich get richer — even when the market is down?

Because the super wealthy invest their money in ways you may have never heard of — private investments. These are investments that have helped some of the biggest brand names around the world grow their business.

Our clients have the opportunity to get similar results through our private investment expertise, which is now made available to individual investors (that qualify) and smaller institutions.


Wealthy individuals and the largest endowments use private investments to reduce their risk, increase income and/or enhance their investment returns. According to research from Cambridge Associates, endowments and foundations with larger allocations to private investments significantly outperformed their peers. Also, those that used more private investments face a reduced risk of losing capital.

Examples of private investments available through our Private Investment Equalizer (P.I.E.) investment strategy include:

Private Debt: Any debt held by or extended to privately held companies. Typically involves non-bank institutions making loans to private companies or buying those loans on the secondary market.

Private Equity Real Estate: An asset class composed of pooled private and public investments in the property markets. Involves the acquisition, financing and ownership (direct or indirect) of property or properties via a pooled vehicle.

Private Equity: Pool of money looking to invest in or to buy companies with no operation other than buying and selling companies, which go into its portfolio.


“The U.S. economy has enjoyed its second-longest expansion, with the equity market delivering strong returns throughout. While no one knows when the current bull market will end, one thing history tells us is that returns tend to be more volatile towards the end of an expansion.” — J.P. Morgan

Michelle Connell, CFA has 25 years of institutional investing experience, including several years on Wall Street working in the world of private investments. As your investment manager, Ms. Connell specializes in protecting your money and making it grow.

Ms. Connell is considered an industry expert on this topic and frequently speaks at international and regional industry conferences. She also teaches this topic to investment professionals who are pursuing the CFA charter, and to the students she instructs as a university adjunct professor.

If you desire to have a successful retirement or revenue stream that actually works for you, it's time to invest your money like the wealthy do. And we'll make it easy as P.I.E.


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