Our team is intently focused on goals-based investing. We look to the long-term, so we’re about much more than helping you beat the market — we want to make sure you have the funds you need to retire. The investment solutions we offer allow us to practice risk management, mitigating the downside to protect your investments.

In addition to the investment products you’ll find anywhere else — mutual funds, stocks and bonds, etc. — we offer access to alternative investments you won’t find anywhere else to diversify your portfolio and better position your portfolio for a market downturn.


“Alternative investments are flexible, unconstrained strategies that use non-traditional approaches to invest in both public and private markets. Alternative strategies...provide diversified sources of return or yield to complement traditional stock/bond portfolios.” — J.P. Morgan

Alternative investment strategies include: Hedge funds Private equity Private credit (private debt) Real estate Infrastructure Transportation

The wide range of alternative asset classes each come with their own benefits and risks. Michelle Connell, CFA is an experienced wealth manager who will help identify the right alternative strategy or blend of strategies to meet your portfolio needs.


Rethink diversification. Times have changed and the investment strategies that once worked may not yield the same results to put you where you want to be in the future.

“The U.S. economy has enjoyed its second-longest expansion, with the equity market delivering strong returns throughout. While no one knows when the current bull market will end, one thing history tells us is that returns tend to be more volatile towards the end of an expansion.” — J.P. Morgan

At Portia Capital Management, we look beyond the traditional 60:40 equity/bond portfolio to help our clients manage market volatility and achieve true portfolio diversification by adding alternative investments. Over the long-term, allocation to alternatives has demonstrated the ability to improve risk/return compared to the traditional equity/bond portfolio.

We pride ourselves on
open dialogue and the education of our clients.